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Tester Qmax

Qmax tester

Qmax tester |
Power Consumption | Qmax tester - Microwell
Power Consumption
Heating / Cooling Output | Qmax tester - Microwell
Heating / Cooling Output
Water Temperature | Qmax tester - Microwell
Water Temperature
Water Flow | Qmax tester - Microwell
Water Flow
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) | Qmax tester - Microwell
EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio)
COP | Qmax tester - Microwell
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Mobile pool specialist

Qmax Tester is a unique device for on-site testing and heat pump optimisation. Capable of performing various performance measurements, Qmax Tester is primarily designed to optimise particular heat pump’s installation. The cost savings can reach 30% through increased heat pump’s heating output and COP with not changed power consumption.

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Standardowe wyposażenie
  • Qmax Tester
  • User Manual
  • Complete water connection kit
Opcje instalacji
  • Mobile


Qmax tester - Microwell


One of the most problematic aspects of today’s industry are misleading performance results. Heating outputs and COPs are unreliably increased by up to 40%. This harms both the consumer and the heat pump’s image. To disclose false claims and to show real data, Microwell has designed Qmax Tester.

Measured data

  • Water temperature input
  • Water temperature output
  • Heat pump’s voltage
  • Heat pump’s electrical current
  • Water flow
  • Heating or cooling output
  • Heat pump’s power consumption
  • COP or EER
  • Water pressure and pressure loss