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Tropical kit

HP Green line | 40 m³
HP Green line Inverter |
HP 1000 | 40 m³
HP 1100 | 40 m³
HP 1400 | 60 m³
HP 1500 | 60 m³
HP 1700 | 70 m³
HP 2300 | 80 m³
HP 2400 | 80 m³
HP 2800 | 120 m³
HP 3000 | 120 m³
Tropical kit | up to 800 m³
Operating Range | Tropical kit - Microwell
Operating Range
+ 60°C
Rozmiar basenu
up to 800 m³
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  • Designed to heat & cool in extremely hot weather conditions
  • Works in ambient air temperatures up to 60°C
  • Ideal for the Middle East & North Africa
  • Possible to put up to 10 units into operation per a single installation
Description icon | Microwell Opis

50% more effective than standard chiller

In case , the heat pump is going to work in tropical location and at extremely high temperatures, Microwell offers an optional ‘’tropical kit’’, that comes as and additional equipment. The tropical kit enables heat pump operation at temperatures up to 60%. The standard operational temperature is around 40%.

This special product improvement is ideal mostly for the North African and Middle East regions.

Our titanium exchanger together with a capacitor conditioned with a special ´´gold fin´´ finishing, make our swimming pool heat pumps highly resistant to corrosion and ideal for seaside conditions. And most importantly, swimming pool water cooling by heat pump is 50% more effective in comparison with using other commonly used coolers.