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Osuszacz basenowy DRY SIREN

DRY Siren Due

DRY Siren Mono | 60 m²
DRY Siren Due | 120 m²
Noise Level | DRY Siren Due - Microwell
Noise Level
35 dB
Heat Recovery | DRY Siren Due - Microwell
Heat Recovery
8750 W
Power Consumption | DRY Siren Due - Microwell
Power Consumption
2300 W
Air Flow | DRY Siren Due - Microwell
Air Flow
2000 m³/h
Rozmiar basenu
120 m²
134 l

Best efficiency in class

Microwell DRY Siren Due is a breathtaking ceiling dehumidifier with extra features. Designed to effectively tackle humidity for pools up to 120 m2, DRY Siren Mono DRY Siren is also equipped with a loudspeaker and LED lamp. It serves as microclimate protection as well, detecting and displaying the level of humidity in real time. It consists of two ceiling units connected to compressor unit.

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DRY Siren Due - Microwell

Widok 360

MICROWELL DRY SIREN is the ultimate superstar and the first ceiling swimming pool dehumidifier in the world. It is an intelligent and visually captivating solution of paramount performance, combining functionality that meet the highest standards and user experience. Tackling the humidity directly at its source, DRY Siren is revolutionizing dehumidification process.

Specially developed dehumidifiers for residential and hotel pools, spa and jacuzzi. If you are looking for a humidity control technology in a private pool, hotel or spa, by Microwell you are in the right place.

Innovative swimming pool dehumidifier with modern features, low energy consumption and internet control. Designed to control humidity in swimming pools.

DRY Siren Due will prevent condensation on your windows and walls. It will prevent bacteria grow and strange humid smell or damp feeling. It will do its job fully automatically and quietly.

MICROWELL DRY Siren is built on inverter compressor designed as split system. The unit also uses DC high energy efficient fan. Operations are microprocessor controlled and the control provides with 24/7 surveillance from around the globe.


Pushing the boundaries of what is possible, DRY Siren combines functionality that surpasses current standards. As highly effective dehumidifier, DRY Siren is equipped with a loudspeaker and LED lamp. Also, it serves as microclimate protection, detecting and displaying the level of humidity in real time.

DEHUMIDIFIER - Microwell DRY Siren is cutting edge dehumidifier, designed to meet the highest standards and user experience. As the first round ceiling dehumidifier DRY Siren is constructed as dual split unit, capable of all round and thorough humidity extraction.

MICROCLIMATE PROTECTION - Overseeing DRY Siren at work and monitoring the levels of humidity in real time is Microwell microLIGHT+ technology that transmits the humidity reading into a multi-LED light system to deliver complete microclimate protection.

LOUDSPEAKER - Most convenient extension of DRY Siren functionality is a Bluetooth speaker with output of 80W. Easily paired with any Bluetooth device, built-in Bluetooth speaker streams music, radio or podcast, enabling full and rich multimedia experience.

LED LAMP - Built-in LED lighting system is using 50W LED LAMP. With user-friendly options for adjusting light brightness and colour temperature the LAMP can be easily adjusted to meet any customer’s demands.


Placed on the ceiling, MICROWELL DRY Siren tackles the humidity directly at the evaporation source, preventing the humidity to accumulate and condensate.


DRY SIREN is connected to live internet via WIFI. This allows a user to reach hers or his DRY SIREN 24/7 from any place on Earth with internet connection. This global coverage is ensured by 99,9% availability of DRY SIREN server where application and system are operated. Being out of your home or out of your property, you can still see the actual humidity and air temperature in your pool. Also you will see if your DRY SIREN is working, currently drying or in stand-by.


microSAFETY+ is a supervision system included by standard in DRY SIREN swimming pool dehumidifier models. The system monitors each DRY SIREN on constant basis. In the case of a sign of technical problem or possible malfunction, the system creates a comprehensive report with technical data and sends it to Microwell automatically. Microwell has then the ability to advise the distributor, reseller or installer upper hand to take necessary measures to rectify the problem and avoid further damages. microSAFETY+ effectively protects your property 24/7. The data transfer is securely ciphered.



DRY SIREN mobile application allows you to actively take control of dehumidification process, LED lamp, Bluetooth speaker, microLIGHT+ and unit’s self-diagnosis. From anywhere in the world, anytime, you are able to observe your unit’s current status and air relative humidity and air temperature.


DRY Siren mono consists of one ceiling unit designed to cover pools up to 60 m2. Compressor unit is designed to be installed in technical room, while ceiling unit is placed directly above the pool. The whole set is connected with refrigerant piping.


DRY Siren Due is designed to control humidity in pool halls up to 120 m2 in size. It includes two ceiling units, both connected to compressor via refrigerant piping. Compressor unit’s installation in technical room ensures complete noiseless operations in pool hall.

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Dane techniczne

Pool surface (m²)
Extraction rate (l/24hrs)30°C 60%RH
Extraction rate (l/24hrs)30°C 80%RH
Air flow (m²/h)
Noise level (dB(A))
Power consumption (W)
Heat output (W)
Dimensions (WxHxD)netto
Weight (kg)ceiling / compressing
WIFI specification
Internet connection
Bluetooth speaker
LED lamp
DRY Siren Mono
ceiling unit 1210x278 compressor unit 251x467x404
Standard worldwide IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.412~2.484 GHz
Minimum 40kB/s, 13GB per month data volume
80W stereo, 80Hz-20kHz, 4-8Ω, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR
50W, Warm 3.000K, COLD 5.500K, 4000lm dimmable 0-100% energy class A+
DRY Siren Due
ceiling unit 1210x278 compressor unit 251x467x404
(2x) 53/20
Standard worldwide IEEE802.11b/g/n 2.412~2.484 GHz
Minimum 40kB/s, 13GB per month data volume
80W stereo, 80Hz-20kHz, 4-8Ω, Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR
50W, Warm 3.000K, COLD 5.500K, 4000lm dimmable 0-100% energy class A+

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